Care instructions for Leaf


More information to care for the leaf can be found below. 

Please do not try to remove the felt backing(white colored), it is there to maintain the shape of it. 

The leaf is also not meant to be folded. If you plan to transport/store the leaf, be sure to put cardboard support on the back and front to protect it. 

Please note below steps are *only* needed if the leaf got mishandled and does not look as displayed.

  • Unmount it and lay it flat on a clean horizontal surface.
  • First try to settle the strands with fingers in the direction of other stands from mid-ridge. Spray some non-staining hair spray and shape it to look as displayed. This should mostly do the trick.
  • If not, use a fine toothed comb & gently comb in the same direction and let the spray dry, placing it horizontal.

Please note that rough handling can damage the artwork.

Steps to freshen the leaf can also be found on my instagram highlights - "Care for Leaf" @yashidesigns.

Still need more help? Reach out to me via email: