Unveiling YASHI DESIGNS: Weaving Timeless Stories in Fiber Art!

At Yashi Designs, we handcraft evocative fiber art designs that breathe life into natural materials and transform them into contemporary masterpieces.

How it all started

Our story began in 2018, intending to create an artwork for personal use that combined rustic and contemporary styles highlighting a connection to the raw textures of nature, and prioritizing non-toxic materials. Out of a personal urge to source a unique piece of art for a room corner, YASHI DESIGNS was born.

What we do

Yashi Designs is a California-based fiber art studio known for its innovative and sustainable Organic modern jute sculptures specializing in bespoke residential and high-end commercial interiors. It focuses on delivering captivating fiber art designs to mission-driven clients across various sectors, including residential, hospitality, art collectors and consultants, as well as interior design firms.

Minimalist beige rope design wall hanging with a long tassel, created by Yashi Designs as a serene addition to any space and interior
Handcrafted tall knotted rope sculpture by Yashi Designs made from natural Tan cotton rope, showcasing intricate knotwork and modern design .
Elegant beige wall hanging tassel with a distinctive circular accent for a modern decorative touch with Contemporary Wall hangings, Extra Large Jute Crest Rope Sculpture
What makes us different

All of our artwork has a story to tell. Our goal is to bring the raw beauty of nature into your home, office or business in a way that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable and organic. From earthy colors and raw textures to natural materials like jute, cotton, linen, hemp and wood, we incorporate the beauty of nature into every artwork we design & create.

Our art combines top-notch materials and stunning original designs to bring a little magic to your space. Each product reflects our love for the world we inhabit. We hope they'll inspire you too!


Bharti Trivedi

Bharti Trivedi is a fiber artist, born in Ahmedabad, India. She has called Northern California home since 2013 where she founded YASHI DESIGNS in 2018. 

Her artistic journey revolves around creating contemporary fiber art sculptures using her innovative rope manipulation techniques in combination with knotting (macrame), weaving, embroidery, etc. Using sustainable materials like jute, hemp, and cotton, Bharti's textural artwork brings to interiors a deep sense of connection to nature. She skillfully weaves her sensory encounters of the wilderness into textured wall sculptures, seamlessly blending the essence of the outside world with interior spaces. 

She pursued a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering and was working in Cyber Security for several years. This fusion of engineering and creative fiber art techniques enabled her to approach projects with multifaceted designs, blending precision and innovation to create distinctive fiber art pieces. 

Bharti is an award-winning artist and has exhibited her work in a juried art show at Dove Art Gallery, CA. In her capacity as an emerging artist, she has been working with interior designers and art curators, and has been undertaking bespoke commissions for residential and commercial projects, and hospitality industries, including Stanly Ranch Resort in Napa, CA, Four Seasons Hotel, AZ, Mii Amo in Arizona, Netflix in Los Angeles, Haymax Hotels in Colorado, and more. 

Her work has been featured in print journals like Architectural Digest, Remodelista, Elle Decor, Shoutout LA and Voyage LA Magazine, to name a few.


A selection of galleries, consultancies and interior designers she is currently working with:

  • Dove Art Gallery
  • Chandra Cerrito / Art Advisors
  • Art Partners Group
  • Curate Art Group
  • Casa Metta Design
  • Harken Interiors
  • Nuance Interiors

Contact us

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