Artist Statement on artwork pages

My artwork harmoniously combines rustic and contemporary styles, emphasizing a connection to nature, prioritizing sustainable materials, and gives glimpses of nature eloquently translated into my unique language of rope. 

Art for me is all about emotions and joy I experience in the wilderness and the thoughts I experience in daily life. I take a personal approach to each of my pieces by exploring color, texture, and material characteristics and working with techniques like knotting, weaving, wood working etc to illustrate my sensory encounters into depth and movement of textured wall sculptures, seamlessly blending the essence of the outside world with interior spaces. I aim for a timeless aesthetic with everything I do so I can ensure my work can be treasured for years to come.

All of my artwork has a story to tell. From earthy colors and raw textures to natural material like Jute, cotton, linen, hemp and wood. Each artwork reflects my love for the world we inhabit. It gives me joy to know when people can relate their feelings with my work.