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Art for me is all about emotions and joy which I experience in the wilderness and the thoughts I experience in daily life. I take a personal approach to each of my pieces by exploring color, texture, and material characteristics and working with techniques like knotting, weaving, wood working etc to illustrate my sensory encounters into depth and movement of textured wall sculptures. Most of my artwork is in natural, neutral cords to suit any modern organic & minimalist interior decor style. On the other hand, I also love to create designs with splashes of bright color inside of my usual neutral, subtle patterns to fit more contemporary styles.

I like to weave my own canvas by manipulating rope and using the material characteristics to translate my vision into an artwork. All of my artwork tells a story that resonates with the modern aesthetic. From earthy colors and raw textures to natural materials like jute, cotton, linen, hemp and wood, each artwork reflects my love for the world we inhabit. It's so calming to see the connection of how knots work together, to form an art using humble rope.

"I like to push boundaries of fiber artistry and create innovative designs that captivate and inspire."

I wish people to look at my work and imagine their favorite place in nature, where they feel calm, completely at peace and the anxieties of everyday life can simply fade away.


Bharti Trivedi is a self-taught fiber artist with a Bachelor's degree in EC engineering, born in 1982 in Ahmedabad, India. She now lives and works in California. She has exhibited in the Dove art gallery and has received first prize in juried art shows featuring more than 50 artists in 2022 & 2019 in the fiber art category. Her work has been published in Mercury News, Shoutout LA and Voyage LA Magazine, Architectural Digest and Elle Decor and she has commissioned works installed at restaurants, hotels and corporate businesses throughout the United States.

Within her pieces, you'll discover glimpses of nature eloquently translated into her unique language of rope. She skillfully weaves her sensory encounters of the wilderness into textured wall sculptures, seamlessly blurring the line between rustic and contemporary styles. She taught herself macrame, weaving, and other crafts, using natural materials like jute and cotton to create her own canvas of rope.

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