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I am driven by a passion for exploring shapes and the transformative potential of materials like cotton, jute, wire and wood which I use to create sculptural forms and installations. Through innovative interpretations of traditional macrame and textile techniques, I transform them into unique expressions of art that transcend form and function. Jute, an enduring material with roots tracing back to the Indus valley civilization around the 3rd millennium BC, holds great significance in my work, offering versatility for knotting processes and holding the desired shape of my sculptures with needed firmness. Each creation is a manifestation of my dedication to capturing the essence of events, feelings, and emotions through the intricate interplay of form and texture. 

My sculptures are built upon time-intensive repetitive methods, where I adapt traditional textile techniques into a modern approach. The interaction between materials and form is fundamental to my artistic vision. While I maintain a level of control over the manipulation, I allow the materials to respond naturally to the process. 

My aesthetic journey is a reflection of my personal evolution, rooted in a strong appreciation for minimalism and the allure of understated beauty and elegance. Inspired by themes drawn from nature's intricate patterns and the depth of human emotions, my art seeks to capture the essence of complexity within simpler forms. It serves as a celebration of texture, highlighting the organic and natural shapes abundant in the world around us. My art symbolizes expansion as I transcend personal boundaries through creating spatially impactful artworks, ranging from petite sculptures to life-size installations. By exploring a myriad of shapes to create innovative designs, I challenge conventional perceptions and inspire new possibilities. With each creation I strive to push the boundaries of creativity, inviting viewers to engage with the deeper layers of human experience. 

"I like to push boundaries of fiber artistry and create innovative designs that captivate and inspire."


Bharti Trivedi (b.1982, Gujarat, India) is an award-winning sculptural fiber artist based in California, with a background in Electronics Engineering. Constructing her work through sustainable material manipulation blended with traditional macrame and textile techniques, she transforms humble rope into dimensional sculptures that explore form, texture, movement. Her work is process and material-driven, with individual pieces serving as studies on shape and gravity. She uses plant-based, recycled, and upcycled materials to ensure her work has a minimal impact on our magnificent planet. 

Bharti has received Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from India and is a self taught fiber artist. She has exhibited in the Dove art gallery and has received first prize in juried art shows in 2022 & 2019 in the fiber art category. Her work has been featured on Etsy, Mercury News, Shoutout LA and Voyage LA Magazine, Architectural Digest and Elle Decor. Bharti’s wall sculptures can be found in public and private collections across the globe—including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Portugal and France. Her work is showcased on online art platforms such as Minted, Singulart, and The Artling. Additionally, her art has been commissioned by luxury hotels and apartments, private residences, art consulting firms, and interior design agencies. Bharti currently lives and works in the bay area California.

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