Leaf wall hanging Set

Explore our collection of fiber art leaf sets thoughtfully designed to hang together. From large matching leaf sets in a single color to Mixed sets of small and large leaves, each set makes it easy to style your modern bedroom or fill those big spaces above the sofa.

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      Elevate your interior decor with our meticulously curated sets of Macrame Leaf designed to bring harmony and style to your living spaces. Whether you prefer large matching leaf sets in a single color for a cohesive look or mixed sets featuring both small and large leaves for added variety, our sets will make styling your modern bedroom or filling expansive spaces above the sofa effortless and visually appealing.

      Behind the beauty of each leaf lies a labor-intensive knotting and combing process, which takes a lot of patience and devotion. These handcrafted sets go beyond mere wall hangings; they are a testament to authenticity and attention to detail, infusing your interiors with the timeless charm of nature-inspired art.