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In My Studio

Meet the Artist

Bharti Trivedi, born in India, is an artist and designer best known for her innovative techniques of manipulating rope into magnificent fiber sculptures.

Her work consists of pieces made up of natural sustainable fibers & her unique creative techniques of manipulating them, drawing inspiration from the interplay of the materials and nature. Within her work, one may find a glimpse of nature being translated into her own language of rope, starting from tiny adorable pieces to huge artworks, she has all in her studio! 

Bharti studied electronics & communications engineering and worked professionally as a cyber security engineer for seven years before pursuing her own creative studio. In 2018, she started working as full time professional artist under the label of Yashi Designs.

Her creative urge and engineering background helped her to create unique designs which she calls them “engineered artworks”.

In this capacity, she created custom design/build pieces for public spaces including Stanly Ranch - Napa; Four Seasons Hotel, Mii Amo - Arizona, Netflix - LA,  Haymax Hotels - CO, etc. along with restaurants & private residences around the world.

Always keeping her art making the center of her practice, Bharti began exhibiting her own unique work at Dove Art Gallery 2019, which she continues till date.