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Bharti Trivedi is an emerging artist working with fiber and textile whose work ranges from woven textiles to Macra-weave wall hangings. While she was born in India, she is now living in the Bay Area of California. Each piece is meticulously designed and hand-knotted with some pieces taking months to fully complete.

After receiving her degree in Engineering, Bharti worked as Cyber Security Engineer for high-tech companies for many years. Soon after being becoming a mother, she was introduced to the art of Macramé; after doing some research into the craft, Bharti taught herself how to knot. From there, her beloved hobby blossomed into Yashi Designs. 

Bharti's work has been shown in the Dove Art gallery in California and featured in Remodelista Gift guide and on Modern Macrame social media. 

Her skills and unique techniques to make one-of-a-kind, contemporary artwork is what has landed her fiber art in homes, restaurants, and commercial spaces across the country. 


Bharti doesn't find the use of fancy tools necessary to start her beautiful tapestries and fiber artwork. Her hands are all she needs to start manipulating the rope before it becomes the vision she held in her mind. She likes to integrate different textures, shapes, and hints of color to create visual impact in her work.

Bharti uses natural materials such as yarns, cotton, wool, jute, linen and raffia in her handmade neutral decor to connect directly back to the nature that inspires her. Meditative processes such as knotting, weaving and wrapping are used to create a tapestry of knots intertwined together to form an art of both Scandinavian and Modern Farmhouse styles. Its so calming to see the connection of how knots work together to form an art out of simple rope. Unlike art prints, Bharti's work is not a static accessory; as a breeze blows or a person walks by them the fringe softly sways displaying gentle and organic movement.